Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I sign up?
Sign up is FREE and easy for individuals, teams and leagues. Here is the link to get in the game!
Sign Up Tutorial Video Here
I am new to the area and do not have a team. How can I get started?
SubBuds Games makes connecting you to teams and other sports-minded individuals in your area fast and easy by utilizing our map and your personalized settings. Based on your personalized settings of the sports you are interested in playing and your availability, you are matched to teams and pick-up games happening around you.
What is a Sub?
A substitute or “sub” is an individual that will play in place of a person on a team that can not attend an event. Some reasons that a player may not be able to make an event are injury, illness, work, family obligations, etc. SubBuds Games makes it easy for a sub to be matched to a team with its customizable profile and access to a real-time map.
What is a Long-Term Player?
A team player that is committing to playing a full season or more than one game depending on the team’s need.
What is a pick-up game?
A pick-up game is a game that has been casually or spontaneously initiated by an individual or group of players. Pick-up games generally do not have officials or referees, which make them less structured than regular games. Pick-up games are a great way to meet new people, get active and try new things!
What sports games and fitness activities does SubBuds Games offer?
Archery, Archery (Adaptive), Backpacking, Badminton, Baggo, Ballet, Baseball, Basketball, Basketball (Adaptive), Beer Pong, Billiards, Bocce, Bowling, Bowling (Adaptive), Boxing, Broomball, Canoeing, Canyoneering, Climbing, Cornhole, Cricket, Croquet, Cross Country Skiing, Curling, Cycling (Class), Cycling (Road), Darts, Disc Golf, Dodgeball, Fencing, Fishing (Ice), Fishing (Sport), Foosball, Football (Flag), Football (Tackle), Footvolley, Four Square, Geocaching, Golf, Handball, Hang Gliding, Hiking, Hip Hop Dancing, Hockey (Field), Hockey (Floor), Hockey (Ice), Hockey (Pond), Horseshoes, Ice Skating, Jay Alai, Judo, Karate, Kayaking, Kickball, Kickball (Adaptive), Kickboxing, Kitesurfing, Knockerball, Kubb Lawn Game, Kung Fu, Lacrosse, Laser Tag, Lawn Bowling, Longboarding, Mountain Biking, Paddle Boarding, Paintball, Pickleball, Pilates, Quidditch, Racketball, Roller Derby, Rowing, Rugby, Running (5K training), Running (Marathon Training), Running (Trail), Sailing, Shooting (Clay), Shooting (Target), Shuffleboard, Skiing, Skydiving, Snowboarding, Soccer (Adaptive), Soccer (Indoor), Soccer (Outdoor), Softball, Spikeball, Squash, Streetball, Surfing, Swimming, Tennis, Tennis (Table), Tetherball, Triathlon Training, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball (Indoor), Volleyball (Sand), Walking, Wallyball, Water Polo, Wiffleball, Windsurfing, Wrestling and Yoga.
The sport I am interested isn’t listed. Can you add it to SubBuds?
Yes we can! Please E-mail us.
What do the levels of play mean?
A - Competitive; teams and players have played the sport for a long time. Very organized and players may have speciality positions. B - Upper Intermediate; teams and players have played the sport a long time and teams are well organized C - Intermediate; players may be new to sport but are seeking a little more competition. Social aspect focus. D - Beginners or new teams. Recreational - Lowest level of competition; beginners or social league.
What is the Average Feedback Rating?
The Average Feedback Rating was implemented as a way to make all team players accountable for showing up, being on time and demonstrating sportsmanship at sporting events and fitness activities. Your Average Feedback Rating is feedback received from a team player in which you have played on his/ her team as a sub, formed pick up game or fitness activity. You are rated on a five star system averaged across two categories with one star being the lowest and five stars being the highest. The two categories you receive a rating for are: - whether you showed up and on time to an event - whether you demonstrated sportsmanship As defined by YourDictionary, sportsmanship is an “ethical, appropriate, polite and fair behavior while participating in a game or athletic event”.
What is “Rate Event”?
Rate Event is an opportunity for you to provide honest feedback on an event you participated in.
Can I create a pick up game without being on a team?
Yes you can! Every individual that signs up can create a pick-up game and have the sport, location, date and time appear on our map and viewed by all users on the site. Interested users can contact you directly and get directions to your game.
How do I get matched to teams?
You are matched to teams based on your personalized settings. For example: Sports you want to play, days of the week you can play, times you can play, level of play, the radius of how far from a sporting event you want to travel and your gender. You can change these settings whenever you want. Once you are matched to a team, you will be able to freely communicate with the team about further details such as uniform color, what to bring etc.
We formed a team using SubBuds, how do we join a league?
To sign up with a league you should directly contact the league for which you wish to join. You can do this by messaging the league through the SubBuds website, or by contacting them via league’s website. SubBuds Games encourages leagues to join our website for this very reason. In fact, leagues can create their very own profile listing the sports they offer and the ability to direct message with our users.
What are the benefits of signing up as a league?
The benefits of signing up on our website as a league are vast. First, it's free. Second, you get to interact with your target audience and find new potential teams for your league. Third, your league can make announcements to users about: sign up deadlines, job opportunities, cancellations of sporting events, team vacancies to fill your league etc.
I don’t see any sporting events posted in my area. Why is this?
We have just recently gone live and are actively recruiting members and leagues. Please be patient while we grow our user base. We value all of our members and want to connect you to local athletic events and to people who share your love of sports! The more users we get signed up the more people we can get people in the game! Please share our site with your friends and family!